Five Things About Me

I was tagged by Art Boulet (pictured right) Art Boulet.

1. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.

2. I’ve never read “The Purpose-Driven Life” but from the articles I’ve read by Rick Warren, I think he’s a pretty righteous dude.

3. I’ve been to China, Brazil, Kosova, Mexico, and Canada. I like to travel but have no interest whatsoever in going to Western Europe. I’d go the Middle East before I go to Europe.

4. One time I woke up with a bat trying to crawl into my mouth. I was in my bedroom.

5. I had heard a lot about “Pride and Prejudice” a few years ago, so one day my roommate and I decided to watch the British DVD version. All 6 hours of it. When it was over my roommate asked me what I thought. I looked at him and without hesitation said that a better use of those 6 hours would have been to sit in the corner of a dark closet and pronounce the letter “o” as many ways as possible; this would have been more entertaining and intellectually stimulating. It actually made me visibly upset that people enjoyed the story, and it provided much support for the “T” in “TULIP”.

I don’t know if many people read this blog, so I tag the first three people who see this. C’mon, don’t be yellow.



  1. a BAT? are you serious? you have to tell the rest of the story. my imagination can’t work well with such small details.

    i will assume i was tagged

  2. Uhhhh yeah. Yeah, definitely not a fun thing to go through. May you dream of bats flying around in the dark recesses of a damp cave where they belong, as opposed to the dark recesses of your damp mouth, which apparently is their second choice.

    And that’s gross.

    An explanation: From the attic the bat flew into my room, found its way to my mouth, which is where I found the little creature when I felt something crawling on my lips in the middle of the night.

    And that’s gross again.

  3. That last one is hilarious. I share your feelings about the whole pride and prejudice thing. I was actually at a party a couple weeks ago and they waned to watch that…..hmm…..that’s probably the worst idea i had ever heard.

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