Sexually promiscuous, cocaine-snorting, acid-dropping hippie chick becomes Christian by accident

Barbara Curtis

Barbara Curtis (pictured above), a sexually promiscuous fag-hag attended a FamilyLife conference twenty years ago with her second husband and they came home as different people. She says in an article in Christianity Today:

We weren’t sure what had happened to us, but we knew something had changed.

Isn’t that the way it is sometimes? We don’t know what exactly it is, but we know something has happened?

Barbara also talks about being weary of being so involved in church activities that we don’t have time for hanging out with non-Christians. She says,

We should try to strike up conversations with everybody we possibly can—not about Jesus—just about life.

Not about Jesus. Just about life.

Sister Curtis also suggests canning the Christian jargon, because it’s creepy and non-effective among non-Christians. Instead, use everyday language and common metaphors.

Read the whole article here: Credible Christianity



  1. you make a good point. still, i don’t think i could ever use it in describing someone! let me know if you got my latest comment on your xanga. i really have enjoyed reading your story!

  2. Not about Jesus but about life. I like that.

    In West Michigan, if your not a Christian than your considered an evil person…an outsider. Rarely are you encouraged to seek christianity. You either are or you are not. No middle ground.

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