Books and a Cabin in Montana (A Midwesterner’s Dream)


I’d like to live in Montana for a while; it would be such a good thing. For an indefinite period of time I would live in a log cabin somewhere deep in the woods and pile books upon books on the table next to the window overlooking some purple mountains. At night I would light up the fireplace with the wood I chopped earlier in the day, sit on a hand-made wooden chair in the scarcely-furnished living quarters, crack open the covers of a wordsmith’s artwork, and collide with another fashioned imagination. The early summer sun’s bursting forth from the Eastern sky, along with animal creatures’ playful noises bouncing off the mountainside and reaching miles across the treetops to my open window, are my alarm clock. Here lives contentment. Here in the wilderness my soul is refreshed and fed. Here I am alive. Oh, it would be such a good thing.

I’m hoping to read “Let Your Life Speak” by Parker Palmer because numerous people have recommended it to me, because I don’t know my place in this world. My place in this world.

But I can’t just get one book from Who gets just one book from Amazon? If I get two books then I get free shipping, thus playing nicely into their perfect little scheme to make more money. But I mean whatever.

What should be my second book? Any suggestions?



  1. The Bible As It Was by James Kugel (a bit academic, but utterly paradigm shifting)


    Violence, Hospitality, and the Cross by Hans Boersma

  2. that scot mcknight book won’t be out for a while!

    a few one my own wish list that i’ve heard great reviews about:

    Everything Belongs_Richard Rohr (ordered it and waiting!)
    Following Jesus_NT Wright
    God Laughs and Plays_David James Duncan
    Colossians Remixed_Brian Walsh

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