Regarding Henry Review

Regarding Henry

I just watched Regarding Henry, a movie about a lawyer (played by Harrison Ford) who is so obsessed with work that he doesn’t have any time for his family or anything else. Then he gets shot in the head and can’t remember hardly anything from his past, including how to talk. The movie is about how he responds to his family and his job now that he’s a different person. I really liked it. It’s kind of like The Family Man starring Nicolas Cage, whose voice I don’t like. His transformation is neat to watch, and actually reminded me of Nicolas Cage’s character in the movie City of Angels because he sees the world like a child – full of wonder and playfulness.

I give this flick two thumbs up.

Note: Regarding Henry was written and produced by J.J. Abrams, writer and producer of LOST and Alias, among other shows and movies.

p.s. Oddly enough, I watched City of Angels on February 8, 2006, and wrote about it here.


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