Akiane Kramarik – Child Prodigy

Does she fit into your theological box?



  1. Wow. I don’t exactly know how to respond to this. I did love the painting she said was heaven and her describing all the colors she saw. That really impacted me.
    I’d love to know your thoughts on the video.

  2. I live in the same house as a 4-year-old. Most of what goes through a 4-year-old’s mind is: play, eat, sleep if she has to, and play some more. Most of the things she says come from what she’s heard other people saying.

    Akiane grew up in an atheist home and all of the sudden is saying she has visions from God and is drawing them very beautifully. Ultimately what she wants to do is help people. I think it’s a wonderful thing that God chooses to speak in different ways to different people. I also like that she calls it mysterious. I really hope Christian groups don’t get behind her and start marketing her.

    I was also intrigued by her description of heaven, saying there are millions of colors that we’ve never even seen before. Pretty incredible.

  3. I do not have a theological box any more. God is my Father. I have a wonderful realationship with Him. He does not fit into a box He is too BIG!
    Yet, God is light and He put some of that Light in each of His children. That Light is shining through Akiane. Let Father God show you how the light looks that He want you to shine forth to give Him Glory! You can only know Him personally as Father if you follow His protocol!

  4. i believe that Akiane’s artistic vision is very “new age” and not at all in line with true Biblical authority. her desire to help others is very commendable and her talent is undeniable. but her spirituality i find very questionable.

  5. This is amazing. At age 4 she understood the technique of shade and colours, perspective the whole lot. If we check this from the Rubens, Rembrant, and all the other classical painters, they also mastered light, shade and colours their own way but equally she is professional at it.

    The difference is however that her art is a known style to the new-age, as mentioned by someone above earlier. It’s not new. Check biblical literature, say the kind of the Hara Krshna or Johova Church … it’s exactly the same style. Nevertheless, this is extremely extraordinary for her age. AT the age of 8 I tried to explain the meaning of ‘TALENT’, however the teacher made a fool out of me and made the class laugh at me also. Now she proves my statement 35 years later. I understood very well what I was saying.

    On the spiritual level, it’s no wonder because as a self taught artist (by god) it’s mind blowing to grasp the world because if you can paint it realistically without question then that’s communication with the devine whatsoever.

    The subjects she draws at such young age … it’s a miracle …

  6. Mark, I agree. When she was asked whether or not she beleived in re-incarnation she skirted around the issue and spouted a lot of new agey thoughts.

    She also paints a picture of a monk meditating and seems to not understand that Jesus is the only way to Heaven…

  7. Like one named Brad said: I also “don’t have a theological box.” For I believe that GOD up above won’t favor a hypocritical Jew/Christian over a GOOD “Samaritan.” Akiane’s humanitarian work is indeed commendable, and I wouldn’t be amazed if one day she’ll be found among GOD’s sheep on Christs’ RIGHT hand.

  8. I marveled at the gift, I marveled at the picture of Jesus. I would really like Him to look like that. It is beautiful.

    But, as in so many things Satan gets his hands on, there is his initial appearance as an angel of light, but then over time it gets muddied, and then very misleading.

    This is the spirit I pick up from this girl. Well-meaning no doubt. I was sadly disappointed when I did not hear from her lips spiritual things that are Biblical, or that registered accurately. I was disappointed at the other art she felt important. Those that love Jesus Christ have another zest, purpose, and goal. And although I do not want to put God in a box, I do believe He has an ultimate purpose for people to know Him. This is not where Ariane’s art is going at this time, in my opinion. It is like studying the real McCoy, people who are in love with God, and then seeing the counterfeit. I am very sad that it is this way. I would like it to be different. She has been given exceptional talent.

  9. After viewing the video I see no Christianity portrayed, but instead I see Hindu (vegetarianism) (blanking out the mind – “meditation”), Buddhism, and New Age………all in the name of luv luv luv. It does sadden me greatly, such a beauty wasted.

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