Nichole Nordeman on Christian Language


Nichole Nordeman is my favorite artist. That’s an understatement, as anybody who’s known me for seven minutes will tell you that I think she’s the coolest thing since bread. Her words and lyrics connect deeply with my soul and mind, and if she has a sister I need to know immediately.

She writes a monthly column called Loose Ends . . . Confessions of an Unfinished Faith. I’ve only read a few of them, but each one has struck a chord. I still remember something I first read from her 9 months ago about the steady rhythm of a village drummer in Africa.

Her February article is called “Good Grief,” which is a polite title for something that should be called “The Problem With Christianese.” I found myself laughing throughout, both at her humor and her amazing ability to put great realities into plain English. She says this about “Christianese” Snoopy Teacher talk:

If, during a show, I ever start to wander off course…can’t quite remember the story I was telling…can’t figure out how to segue into the next song…I automatically default to Snoopy Teacher talk. I have no idea what I’m saying in the moment…I just know that years of growing up in the church and on a stage have taught me how to pull Jesus jargon out of a hat in no time flat.

Imagine exploring a new kind of language.


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