Tim Keller: If you think you understand the gospel, you don’t

Tim Keller

If you think you really, really understand the gospel, you don’t. If you really think that you haven’t even begun to understand the gospel, you do. Gospel theologizing isn’t anywhere near enough if we’re going to change the world with it. There has to be a lifelong process of more and more deeply realizing the wonder of the gospel.

Tim Keller, Desiring God Conference 2006 (mp3)

This is part of a new way of life: to learn more and more of the deeper things and understand less and less, and to be caught up in wonder.



  1. great words of wisdom. i really appreciate tim. i have been to his church in nyc and a church plant in atlanta. both seem to be really incredible churches that arent caught up into the “christian” culture but rather being christians in american culture.


  2. Does he mean you can’t understand the basics of the Gospel or does he mean you can not plumb the depths of all the implications of the Gospel? The Gospel was meant to be understood. God made it so even the simple could understand it. If men do not understand the Gospel it is not because God has not had it proclaimed in plain language.

  3. kevin

    i think that tim didnt mean that the Gospel was too complex to understand, but rather like you said that its implications are much more far reaching than we usually recognize.

    i can certainly understand his point, because i have very often found myself forgetting to give the good news (of grace or peace or whatever) to those around me in the way that i speak to them. i am often harsh and rude. i often forget to look out for their good and only remember myself. the “Good News” of Messiah Yeshua is always applicable to such, i believe.


  4. Tim Keller is apparently pursuing the mystical deception that seems to be coming over the near entirety of Christendom. Believe and follow the Bible–that is the narrow path.

  5. That quote is pure rubbish. The Gospel is what it is, Christs Death and Ressurection for our sins. TO save us from Hell. whats the big mystery other than his Christ + theology

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