Os Guinness: Evangelicals don’t know gospel

Os Guinness

Most evangelicals don’t really know what the gospel really is.

Os Guinness



  1. i agree with os. i grew up in the evangelical church and i can attest that evangelicals miss much of the gospel. they understand the atonement of Jesus, but they miss the new life He has provided.

    at least thats my opinion

  2. Where is Os’s explanation of “the Gospel”…I’d be interested. Time to visit Google! I used to believe that it was neatly explained by “the Four Spiritual Laws”. Now it seems less neat, but more powerful and uncontainable and infectious. I’m glad about that.

  3. So…it sounds like the Os quote came from a convo between Os and Brian McLaren–which stayed with him and prompted “The Secret Message of Jesus”
    (one of my favorite books!)?

    BM: I came back with, “Well, what do you say the gospel is?” and immediately he answered,
    (OG?): “Shouldn’t we let Jesus define the gospel for us? For Jesus, the gospel is ‘the kingdom of God is at hand.'”

  4. I heard Os once says, but I am sure I paraphase a bit, “The kingdom of God is all about space: over what space is God’s reign and rule allowed to have authority?”

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