Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James

lebron james kobe bryant

There’s a great article by Mark Kriegel on the difference between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Both players are very talented; I enjoy watching both. But here’s the difference between the two: “Kobe is about Kobe,” while LeBron James, well, let New Jersey Nets’ Richard Jefferson say it:

he gets his teammates involved…It’s not just the LeBron show. He’s not a Kobe Bryant where he’s just going to go out there and score at all costs.

In LeBron James’ own words, “My teammates are my family.”

So what makes 22-year-old James the preferred teammate? According to Kriegel, “Great players are supposed to endow the players around them with greatness.”

What does Boobie Gibson, a second-rate rookie have to say about James? “From day one, LeBron’s been in my corner.”

Check out the article here.



  1. I had the good fortune to personally WITNESS LeBron and his team close out Detroit this past Saturday. Double and triple teamed, he more than endowed Boobie to rise to greatness.

    LBJ has so far exceeded all expectations, but the proof will be in a long and dominating career.

  2. Mark, that would have been totally sweet. It’s so neat to watch a superstar work hard to make his teammates better.

    I agree – time will tell how deep his legacy will run.

  3. Too bad LBJ’s teammates used up all their shots vs. Detroit. Imagine if Kobe lands in Chicago- the ECF would be their battlegrounds for the next 5 years! LBJ’s 48 point night aside he’s still very rough around the edges. His jumper looks almost unnatural and is not consistent and he basically uses his 35 year old body to bully his way to the basket whenever he wants. Even with that said, I would take him over Kobe every time, EVERY time. Now, if he would just wed his kids’ mother and set a true example for the kiddies out there.

  4. I think its unfair for Kobe fans to compare KB with LJ, same as well with the LeBron fans. Both of these players are good and are leaders of their respective teams. However, they have different qualities that make them both great players in their time.

    LeBron James fan

  5. kingjamesfan, It seems fair to a whole lot of people. It’s not like comparing athletes from two different sports. They play the same sport in the same league. The conditions for comparison couldn’t be more suitable.

  6. that is so right when lebron play ball, its not about LEBRON its about CAVS, when kobe plays its about KOBE BRYANT.. he is far more athletic than kobe.. coz of the height of course and leeping ability .. but then its not important but yeah id say lebron is better team player than kobe.. coz definitely kobe isnt a team player … and one more thing Lebron dont need 81 points to win… if lebron is hogging the ball like kobe do.. ill put my money down lebron will do better than him .. but no lebron knows the basic of basketball and that is team play and passing not just scoring ..

  7. I am 15 and I have never seen anyone play basketball like lebron. Lebron is a better player then Kobe because he knows to win he has to share the ball. not taking anything away from kobe. Kobe has one of the most solid jumpers I have seen in a while he still has leaping ability but its not on the level of lebron kobe could be the next jordan if he had the hops and passing ability of Lebron and lebron could be the next jordan if his shooting becomes more consistent

  8. (Pwede ba Tagalog d2) masmatanda si kobe kay lebron masmarami syang expirience ano kaya kung sabay sila ng year naglaro sa nba malamang si kobe walang panama kay LBJ…….ksi kobe ROK year 7.6 ppg si lebron 20.9 ang laki ng dif…and lenron is much better playmaker than kobe…. lebron is much powerfull at his young age and the youngest player to reach 10 thou…youngest player to have a triple double…ano ngayon kung naka 81 si kobe ibigsabihin buhakaw…..(LeBRON fan ksi ako)

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