Beth Moore on Learning From Elders


Life is difficult. The converts in Lystra, Iconium, and Pisidian Antioch were surely strengthened and encouraged as they saw living examples of people who were surviving hardships with victory and joy. Listening to Paul and Barnabas testify must have greatly impacted their ability to endure. We don’t have Paul and Barnabas, but we have hosts of older people who are more than happy to tell us about the faithfulness of God – if we’ll just stop, ask them, and listen.

Beth Moore, To Live is Christ, pg.86



  1. In a perfect world, people who have claimed the name of Christ for years should be a wealth of stories and insights and passion. Unfortunately, that is not often the case in my experience. Some older people are “younger” than some youngers. In fact, I’ve often noted, in church work, that senior citizens can be immature, biblically uninformed, contentious and judgemental. I fault our brand of simplistic suburban “Christianity” wherein God is mostly concerned with us staying out of sexually compromising situations, maintaining traditions, and keeping our yard mowed. I hope that we begin to see more and more older saints who are also truly seasoned in their journey with God,…because we need that. We always have. I want to be one of those and not one of the troublemakers….someday.

  2. My response above reads a little harsher than I meant it to be. There are plenty of seniors with a wealth of experiences and stories of God’s faithfulness and strange/wonderful workings. I was reacting to the idea of seniors automatically being that, when I have met some younger folks who are amazing in their growth–though it can’t be counted chronologically. Also…seniors don’t have the corner on the market of being uniformed, contentious and judgemental and I’ve certainly paddled those waters many times in my OWN canoe. So…hope I didn’t come off anti-senior. Some of my best friends are seniors!!!

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