iPhone, Battle at Kruger, Rob Bell, Northern Lights

apple-iphone-in-hand Anyone have an iPhone?  I know a few people who have one.  I just saw this video on Yahoo – a woman got her first iPhone bill in a box.  It was 300 pages long.  Another guy got a $3,000 iPhone bill.

Have you seen this video of some lions grabbing lunch and being challenged by the lunch’s family…and an alligator?!  The full video is 8 minutes long but well worth it – very interesting.  So far it’s been viewed over 13 million times.

Good article about Rob Bell from a newspaper in the UK.  50,000 to 60,000 people download his teachings every week.  I am one of them.

2 hours of the Northern Lights in 30 second Youtube video from Wisconsin.  I can’t believe this actually happens.  Spectacular!


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