Absolute Truth?


Once there were two guys named Berdad and Noverdad.  Berdad and Noverdad were sitting in a cafe one late summer evening having a discussion.  Berdad says that absolute truth exists; Noverdad says it does not.  Which one is right?  Before giving an answer, please let me know whether you will be sharing the truth or just your opinion.



  1. Does only ONE person have to be right?

    Can they both be right?

    Can they both be wrong?

    How are we defining absolute truth here?


  2. It is absolutely true that Jesus is the Son of God and is sending unrepentant sinners to Hell when they die -therefore absolute truth exists.

  3. Absolute truth exists but we each see it from our own unique perspectives.

    What Patrick said may be absolutely true, but my view of what he just said may be very different than what he views it to mean. I may have a different idea of what it means to be a Son of God, or what an “unrepentant sinner” looks like, or what Hell is.

    Absolutely [perspectively] True

  4. Forgive my lack brevity, but I do have an answer. In answering I’d also like to open with a riddle of a story:

    A man walks to Truth, a land inhabited by habitually truthful people. This traveler comes to a “Y” in the path and sees two men walking towards him, one on either path. From readings the traveler knows adjacent this land called Truth is a land known as Liardom ( it’s namesake being the compulsive liars the live there) and one path must lead there, while the traveler must take the other to Truth. Our traveler does not know which path leads to Truth. He may ask direction, but knows not who is truthful and who is liar. What does he ask?
    The answer is not “where is Truth?” because if asked of the liar he will misdirect him. Neither are the questions “Are you truthful?” or “Are you a liar?” correct, for the same reason. The traveler CAN get to Truth by asking “Where do you live?” though.

    This question is kind in the same vein as this story, to me. I find absolute truth even in the statements made. The statement “absolute truth does not exist” is an absolute statement relying on an assumed absolute truth… maybe it’s just a poorly formed statement? I can, however, not do any better in conveying what this man would be stating. I am a believer of absolute truth; I see it everywhere. From the laws of physics to my own life, absolute truth is absurdly evident. I hope this adds some value to the discussion,

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