Article on Mark Driscoll’s Sex Sermons


Mark Driscoll is controversial.

In other news, water is wet. did an article on Mark Driscoll’s sermons on sex titled “Pastor Preaches Oral Sex is Biblical”.  The author of the article, Karen McCracken, warns readers that the article contains “adult content.”

So in McCracken’s article on Driscoll’s poor choice of topics and language in the pulpit, she uses language risque enough to preface her article with a warning.  (Don’t miss the irony there)

The piece ends with this paragraph, citing Driscoll’s inclusion in a Top 50 most influential Christians list:

Despite the controversy surrounding Driscoll he was named one of the top 50 most influential Christians in America by Zondervan this past year. For those unaware, the word influential means ‘to influence’ and according to Miriam Webster is defined as: an emanation of spiritual or moral force; corrupt interference with authority for personal gain.

So according to the general tone of the article, Driscoll should not be using adult language to discuss adult topics in an adult setting, while the author of the article does the very same thing.

Plus he’s influential, which means, naturally, he’s a corrupt spiritual force interfering with authority for personal gain.


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