Jesus Wants to Know What You Want

What do you want?

That’s my favorite quote from Jesus. Every time I hear people talk about the interconnectedness of desire and God, it lights me up a little bit. Religion is often seen as repressing desire, but that’s because stingy, stuffy, type A personalities have become the face of religion. The root of good spirituality is diving deeply into your desires.spg

Religion and faith at their best lead us down the road of our strong desires, it doesn’t repress them. True religion is considering Jesus’ and the Spice Girls’ question: What do you want, what do you really really want?

In the book Wholeheartedness Chuck DeGroat says we don’t even begin to live our true lives until we are awakened to our deep hunger and start living from that strong inner current running through our hearts.

Maybe stop striving for more and climbing the ladder and trying to get people to like you and start sitting still for a few minutes a day and listening to Jesus ask you,

What do you want?


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