Marvin Wilson on the Hebrew Bible


“The bedrock upon which New Testament faith rests securely is the Hebrew Bible. Christians more commonly refer to it as the “Old Testament” …It was certainly an unfortunate day for the Church when the Jewish Scriptures began to be called the “Old Testament.” Such a title implies that this Testament is now passé.”

Marvin Wilson, Our Father Abraham

Dr. Wilson served as a translator and editor of the New International Version of the Bible

Do only Christians know God?


“Indeed, I believe that many people raised in non-Christian religions—such as bhakti (devotional) traditions in Hinduism in which they worship a single supreme God and trust him for their salvation (however badly understood this is from a Christian point of view), or Judaism or Islam, to pick examples closer to home—have a clearer and more authentic apprehension of God than many people raised in ostensibly Christian homes and churches in which a terrible distortion of God is taught and little access to the genuine gospel is available. To confine the scope of salvation to those who have heard certain facts about Jesus and who come to accept him on this basis, therefore, is not necessitated by the Bible, and in fact is not even the best way to understand the Bible.” (source)

–John G. Stackhouse Jr.

If this paragraph sounds crazy is it because we certainly have a lock on absolute truth, or because the lens we view the truth through has been clouded by our own inclinations to draw theological boundary lines, with us always being on the correct side? This article comes not from a fringe group trying to ruffle feathers, but from a well-respected Evangelical magazine, Christianity Today.