Single Task


What if you weren’t scared?

What if you gave away everything that’s hindering your freedom to be completely, fully you?

What if you were completely, radically, ridiculously,
present to life right here where you are?

No pings.

No notifications inviting you elsewhere, sucking away your valuable attention.

What if you were courageous?

What if you said no to everything, even good things, except your one thing.

Kierkegaard said,

“A saint is the person who can will the one thing.”

Meister Eckhart said,

“A heart is divided when it is dispersed over many things and towards many ends.”

What if you threw off everything that hinders?

Singularly passionate.

What truth that’s been whispering quietly will you start to hear when you turn down the noise, or completely turn it off?

And most of it is noise, isn’t it?