The Bible is Not the Point

“Sticking to the Bible at every turn, like it’s an owner’s manual or book of instruction, as the way to know God misses what Paul and the rest of the New Testament writers show us again and again: the words on the page of the Bible don’t drive the story, Jesus does. Jesus is bigger than the Bible.”

–Peter Enns, The Bible Tells Me So


Tim Keller on Strong Rationalism

“Strong rationalism assumes that it is possible to achieve ‘the view from nowhere,’ a position of almost complete objectivity, but virtually all philosophers today agree that is impossible. We come to every individual evaluation with all sorts of experiences and background beliefs that strongly influence our thinking and the way our reason works. It is not fair, then, to demand an argument that all rational people would have to bow to…Atheists and agnostics ask for this kind of ‘proof’ for God, but are not alone in holding to strong rationalism. Many Christians claim that their arguments for faith are so strong that all who reject them are simply closing their minds to the truth out of fear or stubbornness.”
–Tim Keller, The Reason For God pg.118

Mark Driscoll: Christians Should Be Fun To Hang Out With

“Maybe the true mark of a Christian is someone you would eat chicken wings with, and shoot pool with or throw darts with or go to the game with, not just if they could exegete the Greek text and beat you in Bible jeopardy like some Sunday School jerk.  Maybe the true mark of a mature Christian is someone that is actually kinda fun to hang out with.”
–Mark Driscoll, Was Jesus Funny? (youtube video)

Cornelius Plantinga: Questions Are OK

“It’s no disgrace to have more questions than answers. It’s not even surprising. There is much we don’t know about the world, and much we don’t know about the meaning of Scripture.”
Cornelius Plantinga, President, Calvin Theological Seminary, Engaging God’s World pg. 169

Dallas Willard: Jesus’ Message Not Religious

“The strongest impression on my mind has always been the person and teachings of Jesus Christ… I’ve never moved away from the basic project of “knowing Him and making Him known.” This is not a particularly religious project; it’s a human need. It is out of love of my neighbor, as well as love of God that I feel the imperative to do this.

And I believe the way to do it is not by being especially religious in the sense that people would normally understand that, but by just being an honest, open, thoughtful human being living among other human beings, depending on the grace of God.”
— Dallas Willard (source)