Way of the Masters’ Todd Friel on Rob Bell and Salvation

Todd Friel

Todd Friel has a radio show called Way of the Master. A lot of people know him as the guy who did the Bullhorn Response video to Rob Bell’s Nooma Bullhorn. The following is a conversation with a caller named Sara on the January 12, 2007 show:

Todd Friel: So what’s happening today, Sara?

Sara: Um, well I’m wondering exactly – and I’m glad you brought up all this Rob Bell stuff because I’m just getting, like, I posted your, uh, Bullhorn Response on my Myspace, and I’m just getting this flood of comments just completely freaking out cause’ all these people love Rob Bell and they’re just flipping out on like your video. And what exactly is the line between, like, bad theology and heresy?

Todd Friel: That’s an extremely important question, Sara… (talks about T.D. Jakes not believing in the Trinity…)

Sara: What about, um, like I had an email conversation with, uh, Nate Dawson from the Mars Hill Bible Church, Rob Bell’s church…

Todd Friel: Right.

Sara: And, like, they believe in holistic salvation, and just, weird things like that…

Todd Friel: I don’t even know what that means.

Sara: Would that be heresy, like…?

Todd Friel: Is holistic salvation, that, what, he heals every part of…I don’t even…

I actually like Todd. He’s a funny guy and I think we’d have a fun time hanging out. But I also think he’d be wise to look a little more into the Bible’s broad concept of salvation rather than preaching the version that’s been passed down to him.

Nothin’ but love for brother Todd.